Free Farm Weekend Complete! ... and Springtime on the Farm

We have just finished our 1st annual Free Farm weekend. A daughter surprised her mother for Mothers Day and her birthday with our work weekend to make a memorable time together. Her comments say it all, "We thoroughly enjoyed getting 'down and dirty' on the farm during our stay. It was such a great bonding time for my mother and I. The little projects that you had come up with for us to do, was a perfect combination of what dairy farmers go through.... We appreciate all that you do. - God bless, Nicole & Sandy." It was alot of fun and we plan to do it again next year.

This springtime brings new life in green pastures, colorful flowers, and animal babies. To date 3 beef calves have been born (hope to share pictures soon) and we have a geese family with 7 goslings residing on the pond. Each new day brings a reason to appreciate life on the farm.