2nd Annual Free Farm Weekend!

Just as we were getting ready for Spring, Mother Nature let us know she is still in charge and that winter is not quite done yet! Though, we are beginning to think about springtime and all the busyness that goes with planting and getting the B & B ready for a busy season. With that in mind, we want to offer our 2nd annual "Free Farm" weekend during May 18 -20. Have you ever thought "I'd sure like to work on the farm" -even if it's just for a weekend? Well we have enough chores that we would like to share- and we are willing to let you stay for FREE to help out! That's right - FREE! Knowing that milking cows is not everybody's thing -we have a variety of chores most anybody can do. Planting flowers, spreading mulch, painting a shed, trimming the hiking trail, and picking stones from the fields - just to name a few. Tasks range from very simple to challenging and you get to decide what level you are capable of.   If you are considering this, feel free to email or call with questions

Included in your Fri - Sun stay is breakfast for each morning and a Saturday work day lunch. It won't be all work - lawn games and a bonfire - are in the plans to make it a fun weekend too!

So all you "wanna be" farmers - here's your chance. May 18-20. Choose to stay the whole weekend or just part of it.   Arrive 2 pm or after on Friday and all will be ended by 2:30 pm on Sunday.  Be sure to mention the words "FREE FARM" when you contact us for reservations

spring 2014.jpg

Free Farm Weekend Complete! ... and Springtime on the Farm

We have just finished our 1st annual Free Farm weekend. A daughter surprised her mother for Mothers Day and her birthday with our work weekend to make a memorable time together. Her comments say it all, "We thoroughly enjoyed getting 'down and dirty' on the farm during our stay. It was such a great bonding time for my mother and I. The little projects that you had come up with for us to do, was a perfect combination of what dairy farmers go through.... We appreciate all that you do. - God bless, Nicole & Sandy." It was alot of fun and we plan to do it again next year.

This springtime brings new life in green pastures, colorful flowers, and animal babies. To date 3 beef calves have been born (hope to share pictures soon) and we have a geese family with 7 goslings residing on the pond. Each new day brings a reason to appreciate life on the farm.