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Hill and Valley Exploration Tour coming here!

Two autumn weekends to explore farm traditions. Area farms open their doors to welcome you, and experience farm living first hand! 

Grab your mud boots and the cooler. Throw the rain gear and an extra sweater in the trunk. Prepare for some good ole, country-style fun – rain or shine. With over sixty events and activities at 14 different venues on the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour, there is something for everyone.

Learn how to shear sheep, harvest honey, groom a show calf, warp a loom, can chutney, buck rivet an airstream, and make wine to name just a few activities on the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour. Along the way, you can fill your cooler with fresh veggies, jellies and preserves, and quality meat purchased directly from the producer at their farm or at our farmers’ market, and shop for vintage goodies.

Find your lunch at the farm-to-fork restaurant on the tour or support one of the local farmers, church groups, or youth groups offering picnic-style food options. For adults, we have evening beer and cheese pairings, wine and cheese pairings, and drawing classes. And to finish off the tour, for the whole family, a barn dance with live music and wood-fired oven pizza! The Hill and Valley Exploration Tour is a celebration of rural living! Learn more at our website:

We will be hosting Fall Color Hayrides Sat & Sun Oct. 7 & 8 at 1 & 3 PM suggested cost $10 /adult or $25/ family with children. Learn canning techniques on Sun Oct. 8 10 AM Canning Chutneys - $20/ person  Add layers of flavor with piquant and spicy condiments, made special with your own produce and by your own hands. We will explore chutneys with hands on learning to can these home preserved condiments to take home. Meet the "girls" on Sat. Oct. 14 with Coffee & Chores - Morning farm chores with conversation and light brunch — Join Dorothy and Don Harms for morning feeding chores on their family dairy farm — hands on bottle calf feeding for kids. Are you curious about a farmer’s job producing milk and meat for the public? Farmer Don is willing to share his lifetime of farming experience with you. (ticketed — cost $15/adult, $7/child under 13)


4 little kitties

Grandma's letting me post her blog.

Just look at these new cuties! Well 3 months old. I'll tell their names: Puff, Magic, angel, and Socks. They are tame, so you might get a chance to see and pet them on your B&B stay! Puff is a love bug, Angel can be shy but will come around, Magic is happy with almost everyone and plays with other kitties a lot, and Socks, he's a hide 'n' seek player and loves play-fighting with Puff.

A New Year's Eve Surprise!

Farming is always about the risks you take every day. When our vet diagnosed our cow, Jersey, with triplets, she did not advise to continue the pregnancy. It usually doesn't end well, she said. But Farmer Don decided it was worth the risk. Jersey completed her lactation and was dried off from milking to await the arrival of her babies. She was due Jan. 14, 2016 but started in labor Dec. 31, 2015. With all his years of experience, Farmer Don knew he would have to assist with the birth. One....two....three! They came into the world one right after the other. She was bred with a red angus bull so they looked a lot like their "daddy". We figured the crossbred vigor of the angus breeding would be in their favor to keep them alive. Unfortunately, the vet was right about their momma - she stopped eating after day 2 and the decision was made to ship her for slaughter because of her age (she was 8 years old).

So these past 3 weeks we have kept them in the dairy barn and bottle fed them morning and night. It has been frigid cold the past 2 weeks so it was important to not let them be exposed to any setbacks. Their names - Jane, Jezabel, and Jethro - have thrived and are now ready to be moved to the outside calf barn. We let them play together in this little video to share with you.